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ADP selected JKH/Kimley-Horn to provide automated people mover services

01 Jan 2000

Aeroports de Paris (ADP) selected JKH/Kimley-Horn to provide automated people mover (APM) services for replacement of the existing system at Paris' Charles de Gaulle International Airport. JKH/Kimley-Horn joined forces with a local French firm, Sechaud et Metz, who will assist with investigating civil/structural conditions as well as code-compliance issues and French design standards/requirements.

The 5-year project will be completed in two stages and correlated with the ADP’s short- and long-term planning objectives. The first stage will include a critical analysis of transport requirements and a technical fusibility study for replacing the current system. During the second stage, JKH/Kimley-Horn will provide functional and performance specifications; define follow-up studies of buildings, infrastructure, and accompanying works; prepare an estimate of probable cost; and establish an organization plan that will guide the project to successful completion. Other project services the team anticipates providing include, but are not limited to, the following:

Prepare site conditions report

Evaluate systems proposal

Assess potential solutions/alternatives

Identify/evaluate viable technologies

Define operating modes

Define performance requirements

Analyze operating-mode requirements

Investigate system performance requirements

Identify R analyze train control requirements

Compare/summarize other airport APM successes

Furnish specifications for equipment procurement

Prepare specifications for operations & maintenance

As the project enters the implementation phase, the majority of team personnel will be present and assisting ADP with oversight of the APM system supplier design, as well as construction and testing activities. The current facility links terminals and parking areas and consists of two lines: one is 3.5 kilometers long with five stations, and the other is one kilometer long with three stations. A third line is being planned to service international passengers; it will connect a remote airside concourse with the new terminal E.

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