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Aena issues statement on tender process for ground handling

08 Nov 2023
Aena issued a statement on the tender process for ground handling licences across its airport network, highlighting the following:
  • Aena has already submitted its arguments, as the suspension by the TACRC is automatic and occurs by default in all challenges before the TACRC that aim at the award agreement. Therefore, the process has been technically suspended since the appeal was registered on October 20.
  • Aena reiterates that the public tender – which Aena designs, evaluates, and resolves by delegating a public function and emanating from a European directive – is based on transparent and objective criteria, agreed with all parties (including Iberia, other airlines, and unions) during two consultation processes prior to the tender.
  • Aena emphasizes that, despite the noise, Iberia has lost numerous handling licenses at Spanish airports for a very simple reason: in the public tender, other companies have submitted better proposals, i.e., with higher technical and economic scores, than those of Iberia. European and Spanish legislation enshrine the basic principle that all handling companies have the same rights and opportunities as Iberia.
  • Aena is confident that the issue will soon be favorably resolved and the process will continue.
  • Aena urges Iberia and the IAG group to make decisions for the benefit of their workers and the service at airports in the new context.
  • Aena hopes that Iberia will not hinder the transition process, which will enhance the competitiveness, quality, and sustainability of Spanish airports.
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