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Airports Authority Board approves investments for Washington Dulles Int'l Airport

02 Aug 2000

Following major improvements at Washington's airports over the last decade, a second new construction initiative for Washington Dulles International Airport will begin.

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority gave approval for a major capital development program over the next several years to build new facilities at the airport including an underground rail system, additional public parking, a new concourse and a new runway.

Said Board Chairman, David T. Ralston, Jr., "We are taking a comprehensive approach in shaping the future of Dulles. Aviation is the most dynamic transportation system in the world and brings immense benefits to our community. We have to keep pace with the service demands of the region, and the sooner we begin this next phase of improvements the sooner the Greater Washington Region can have the use of these new facilities."

This action by the Board sets in motion a process to eventually approve scores of construction projects during the next several years that will total approximately $3.4 billion.

Dulles Airport was the fastest growing major airport in the world in 1999 with a 26% increase in the number of passengers. In recent years at Dulles, the Airports Authority has constructed new airline passenger facilities, improved airport roadways, built thousands of additional parking spaces, expanded the airport terminal building (and is now renovating the original center core), and has begun the construction of a passenger walkway tunnel to connect the terminal with Concourse B and two parking garages close to the Terminal.


Dulles Program

Washington Dulles International Airport

Dulles Program 2000-2006

The $3.4 billion Capital Construction Program will enable Washington Dulles International Airport to meet the growing air travel needs of the region. Specific major projects are highlighted below:

* A new permanent concourse to replace the current temporary Concourse C/D. The concourse will provide 44 aircraft gates and be similar to Concourse B, which opened in 1998.

* A new runway to accommodate the growth of aircraft operations and ease aircraft congestion.

* Roadway improvements through expansion and widening of existing roads to allow for greater efficiency of vehicle traffic on the airport.

* Passenger walkways, equipped with moving sidewalks will connect the concourses and the terminal and allow greater ease of movement for passengers and an alternative to the Mobile Lounges.

* Underground airport rail system connecting the terminal with each concourse to provide rapid, efficient delivery of passengers to their airline gates as an alternative to the pedestrian walkways.

* A separate rail system to serve international passengers from the midfield concourses to the International Arrivals Building.

* Expansion of Concourse B, adding new aircraft gates to bring the total to 44 gates.

* Improved flight information and baggage information system to better address the needs of the passengers for clear, easy to understand displays.

* Renovation of the original 1962 Eero Saarinen designed terminal, including improved ticketing counters and new baggage claim devices. The temporary airline gates will be rehabilitated.

Other Projects Previously Funded, but part of the Dulles Program 2000-2006:

* Two parking garages near the main terminal will provide nearly 8,700 close-in parking spaces.

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