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Alstom: Low maintenance light fitting for runway edge applications

01 Dec 1999

ALSTOM Drives & Controls' Airport Division has launched the ZA163, a high intensity, bi-directional elevated light for runway edge applications. Suitable for use in all weather and up to ICAO category III systems, the ZA163 is easy to install and has low maintenance requirements.

Weighing just 2kg, its robust but lightweight aluminium alloy construction protects the fitting from corrosion with stainless steel fixings for extra resilience. A silicone rubber gasket seals the dome assembly, protecting the optical assembly from the elements.

To facilitate quick and easy installation all optics are pre-focused and lamp replacement is straight forward requiring no tools. All sub-assemblies are keyed to simplify routine maintenance and ensure correct alignment.

Providing protection against thermal shock and jet blast forces, the outer glass dome is moulded in low expansion glass. The smooth outer glass surface resists build up of dirt and provides for easier and quicker cleaning ensuring maximum performance.

Glass colour filters and blanking plates are also provided as required by the particular application. The fittings can be used with Pk30d pre-focus halogen lamps and the minimum life of this lamp at maximum intensity is 1,200 hours on a constant current series circuit.

The fitting comes with a choice of 'gimble' mounting methods either M32 stem or 25mm i/d or o/d coupling for pole structures. ALSTOM's ZA163 is suitable for use with 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from either 100W, 150W or 200W series circuit isolating transformer.

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