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Eusebio/Dias Branco Aerodrome to focus on general aviation

15 Nov 2023

Dias Branco Aerodrome announced plans to transform into an executive airport. Located next to BR-116 in Eusébio, it aims to serve general aviation, a sector distinct from commercial aviation and currently catered to by Fortaleza International Airport. The aerodrome, inspired by the successful Catarina executive airport in São Roque, São Paulo, plans to handle up to 5 daily operations (landings and takeoffs).

The aerodrome's management started this public project 9 years ago, eyeing expansion in response to the closure of the Pinto Martins General Aviation Terminal. Despite Fortaleza Airport's capacity to accommodate general aviation, Dias Branco Aerodrome seeks to provide a specialized service.

Currently, the aerodrome boasts five hangars, an apron for large executive jets, and a 2,146-meter runway, comparable to commercial airports in the Northeast. Its infrastructure includes a 60,000-liter aviation fuel tank park.

Short-term investments include runway and apron lighting adjustments and installation of Precision Approach Ramp Indicators (PAPIs). The next phase involves adding an automatic meteorological station and RNAV-GPS for safer instrument flight rule operations. Anac is reviewing the aerodrome's infrastructure for commercial operation approval.

Future plans include a passenger terminal, expansion of the aircraft apron, and internationalization. This process involves complying with regulations from Anvisa, Federal Revenue, and Federal Police, and implementing security measures like x-rays.

The aerodrome aims to offer competitive operating fees to attract executive aviation, differentiating itself from larger airports like Pinto Martins International Airport.

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