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Ezeiza airport doubles operational capacity with new taxiway

22 Sep 2023
Ezeiza International Airport, a key travel hub in Argentina, has inaugurated a new taxiway aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and security. The new construction significantly increases the airport’s operational capacity from 15 to 30 movements per hour.
The taxiway is 2,280 meters long and 25 meters wide, made of rigid pavement to accommodate the largest aircraft in the industry. It connects the new Delta taxiway to Head 35 of the runway. The development has been framed as a crucial part of the Air Transport Modernization Plan led by the national Transport portfolio.
Minister Diego Giuliano stated that the taxiway will not only double the operational capacity but will also act as a backup for the main runway. "If there are problems with the main runway, this new taxiway can absorb all the flights, preventing the airport from shutting down," he said.
Before this upgrade, aircraft had to perform a 180° turn at the headlands and travel 1,600 meters to clear the runway for the next operation. The new system allows for quicker entry and takeoff, enabling two aircraft to be maintained simultaneously on the accesses to runway 35.
The new taxiway also features advanced lighting and signaling systems, including a CAT-III ILS system and state-of-the-art LED technology.
This inauguration is the latest in a series of investments at Ezeiza, following the new terminal's opening in April and the renovation of the National Digital Communications Center. Over 7 million passengers have already traveled through the airport in 2023, marking the importance of these upgrades.

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