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Ibadan Airport closer to becoming an international airport

24 Oct 2023

Governor Seyi Makinde has played a key role in developing Oyo State, focusing especially on Ibadan Airport. The state government has partnered with the federal government to make the airport an economic hub. This has attracted businesses and created jobs, boosting the state's economy.

The airport now has a jet fuel depot, making it convenient for bigger airlines to operate there. Other infrastructure, like improved roads and street lights around the airport, also makes it attractive to investors. There's also good security because of a nearby naval base.

An ongoing project, the Ibadan Circular Road, will further improve access to the airport. All these steps are moving the Ibadan Airport closer to becoming an international airport, which could make Oyo State a strong competitor to Lagos. Governor Makinde's efforts are setting Oyo State on a path for future growth.

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