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Kansai Airport summer peaks

25 Aug 2000

According to figures announced by the Osaka Immigration Bureau Kansai Airport Office for the volume of international passenger traffic at KIX during the summer peak period (July 20 - August 20), this year saw a record high of 1,288,900 passengers (20% higher than the previous year). The peak departure date was August 12 (Sat), when 27,100 people exited the country (a new record). The peak reentry date was August 20 (Sun) for 26,800 travellers. The peak date for two-way traffic was also August 20, with 49,000 passengers (a new record). The average single-day traffic during this period was 40,300.

Traffic on flights to most regions was higher this year, with a notable rate of 125% or higher for China, Hawaii, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

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