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UPS' Auto-Cargo autonomous electric vehicle designed to transport heavy cargo at East Midlands

27 Sep 2023

Aurrigo, an autonomous vehicle company, is partnering with UPS to deploy its Auto-Cargo, an autonomous electric vehicle designed to transport heavy cargo at East Midlands Airport in the UK. The Auto-Cargo can move standard cargo pallets or aviation containers up to 7.5 tons and is capable of towing additional loaded cargo trailers. This project aims to reduce emissions and increase efficiency in airfreight operations.

The autonomous technology of the vehicle will free up drivers to perform other tasks while producing zero emissions. This collaboration is supported by funding from the UK government's Innovate UK innovation agency and the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV).

Aurrigo, traditionally a provider of components and prototypes for car manufacturers, shifted its focus to autonomous electric vehicles in 2019. This shift has led to participation in high-profile projects, including the European Institute for Innovation and Technology's Living Lab for Autonomous Public Transport (LivingLAPT) project. Aurrigo's Auto-Shuttle vehicles are involved in this initiative, which aims to advance autonomous public transport.

The project is currently running in Prague, Brno, and Milton Keynes, with plans to eventually remove safety drivers and use remote supervision for autonomous public transport. By working in multiple cities, the project aims to gain experience in various road conditions and public attitudes towards autonomous vehicles.

Aurrigo's Auto-Shuttle is equipped with in-house-developed technology, including LiDAR and cameras, to provide a 3D, all-weather view of its surroundings for enhanced safety and efficiency. This European project marks a significant milestone for Aurrigo as it expands its autonomous shuttle deployment beyond the UK.

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