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Wonju Airport Passenger Terminal Construction Plan

21 May 2024

The construction plan for the Wonju Airport Passenger Terminal in Dundun-ri has been approved, aiming to promote Wonju Airport to an international airport. This plan is part of the 'Wonju 2040 Long-Term Development Plan' due to the airport's current inconvenient layout, which poses safety risks and limits service expansion. Wonju Airport is seen as a potential substitute for the saturated Incheon and Gimpo International Airports, thanks to its excellent accessibility and transportation network, including multiple highways and railways.

To support this transition, the passenger terminal will be relocated closer to the military base at Dundun-ri, with a comprehensive plan including taxiways, aprons, terminals, parking lots, and access roads, costing around 113.6 billion won. Wonju City has outlined short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategies, focusing on research, public consensus, and facility improvements. Coordination with military and regional organizations is ongoing, and efforts are being made to include Wonju Airport in the 7th Airport Development Plan to secure government funding.

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