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Wood County Regional Airport expansion project

25 Sep 2023

The Wood County Regional Airport is planning a major expansion. The airport aims to add hangars and extend its north/south runway from 2,628 feet to 3,200 feet. The runway will also be widened and the approach moved to improve safety. This will allow bigger business aircraft to use the airport instead of going to Toledo Express.

The project costs $6.263 million, mostly funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airport is waiting for a grant approval of $5,501,700 from the FAA. The state and the airport will cover the rest of the costs.

The airport also plans to add two new hangars, which can hold 16 new aircraft. The number of aircraft is expected to increase from 19 to 33 by 2025. The student flight program will also expand from 400 to 600 students.

More work, such as repaving the east/west runway, is planned for the future. The airport authority has asked for additional funds to cover a cash deficit for the runway project.

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